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Call Answering & Management

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Call Answering & Management

We have a sophisticated NON STOP service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We become the voice of your company. Instead of resourcing and managing your own team with all the challenges that this can bring, we will answer all the calls to your main business number.

We can offer you your own personalized telephone number which you may advertise as your own, or alternatively call forward your office phone, cell phone or home phone to this number when you are not available or do not wish to be disturbed. Your existing main numbers can be permanently forwarded to our call centre. There are plenty of options we can offer you from normal business hours, 24/7, specific routing for specific employees and different call management for different departments or call types.

From a call management perspective, we define a process that suits you so that all calls are managed just the way you want them to be. Whether we need to capture specific data, pass on a simple message or initiate a service process, Global Messaging will manage your calls professionally and treat them in line with your requirements.


All calls are first directed to your main business number. If the caller gets a busy signal or the call is not answered after a specified number of rings, the call is automatically forwarded to our call centre. This option is particularly suited to situations where there is high call volume at peak times.

Calls are normally directed to, and answered by your office. When you want calls answered by us, you forward your main business line to our call centre. This is a great option for covering meetings, breaks, evenings and weekends, or anytime that your office staff is unavailable to take calls. This option works well for offices where there is only one in-house receptionist or a multi-tasking support staff.

As one of Global Messaging’s customers you can rest assured that our messaging agents are adding value to your business – improving customer service, giving you more uninterrupted time to do what you need to do, enhancing your professional image with our winning service, ensuring that urgent matters are brought to your attention immediately, and leaving routine messages for you to deal with at a time that is more suitable for you.

Global Messaging makes it easy to manage those calls where you have advertised a 24 hour number, have a legal requirement to advertise a number that will be answered and managed or simply to have an additional contact number in times of emergency. As an example, elevator companies are required by law and within the gambit of safety regulations to advertise and have an emergency number manned, answered and managed 24 hours a day. We are able to take these calls, track them, escalate and report on them which mean that the company’s regulatory requirements are adequately and efficiently fulfilled.

Given the expense of managing such resources yourselves, simply doesn’t make economic sense. Global Messaging can offer you a solution that will give you complete peace of mind, minimise your risk and ensure that all your regulatory plans are fully adhered to.

Order processing is invariably a simple task but time consuming. Global Messaging can take and process orders or the fulfilment of activities such as attendance acceptance and registrations for events, etc. Once again, we can complete the process according to your specific requirements and interact directly with your systems where necessary.

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