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Anonymous Whistle Blower Hotlines

Anonymous Whistle Blower Hotlines

Everyone says they want to put a stop to corruption, what are you doing about it?

One of the most effective methods for reducing fraud within the workplace is the application of an ethics/whistle blower hotline that will allow and encourage employees, customers and others to report corruption and wrongdoing. A whistle blower hotline can be a powerful tool and we believe that one should be applied to all businesses of any size from small family run organizations to large multi-national companies.

A successful hotline will constantly strive to reassure employees that they can come forward with reports without fear of retaliation, and most importantly that they have the right to remain anonymous. Both of these commitments are integral to the ongoing success of implementing this type of service into an ethics program.

It empowers employees with the knowledge their organization values integrity and ethics. By facilitating secure ongoing communication with employees, offering after hours anonymous calling  to ensure those reporting feel at ease and provide a maximum amount of useful information outside their standard working hours.

Ensures all disclosures are handled by trained professionals, keeping the scandal out of the media and within the organization for internal resolutions and disciplinary actions to be taken.

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